New York Trains on an Island

Issue 5 and Volume 118.

New York Trains on an Island Schools in the Welfare Island training compound in New York’s East River graduated 7000 men in 1964 —FDNY photo A PROBATIONARY FIREMAN might have a mind to gaze at the view —but chances are he will be too busy, or perhaps too tired, to notice the magnificent Midtown skyline that seems to loom right over the administration building of New York’s Bureau of Training on Welfare Island. The bureau occupies a fenced, 12-acre site that stretches across this historic island from the East to the West Channel of the East River, and from which it is separated by only the island drives. In addition to the administration building, the training compound encloses a 55-foot drill tower and a basic training building in which probationers receive their first taste of heat and smoke. Fronted by a shimmering pool and shielded by a grove of trees,…

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