Issue 5 and Volume 118.

THE ROUND TABLE DEPARTMENTS Fire Operations Radio Procedures Part 2 Richard L. Simpson, Chief, Grand Island, Neb.: Our dispatchers broadcast alarms of fire via radio in conjunction with a telephone alarm to the stations. We use the standard “10” signals with variations. Some situations are handled by plain language. Multiple-alarm fires are handled by code using a “11” signal for fire, such as “2-11” for a two-alarm fire; “3-11” for three-alarm fire, etc. Chief officers transmit a report of conditions upon their arrival, but unless called for do not report on their progress at intervals. They do, however, transmit an all-out signal before leaving the fireground. First-arriving companies advise headquarters of conditions on their arrival at the fireground if they feel that the apparatus dispatched will not be adequate to handle the situation. Otis J. Rhoden, Chief, Muskogee, Okla.: Our dispatchers do not broadcast alarms of fire via radio unless…

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