Bigger Brakes Make Better Stops

Issue 7 and Volume 118.

Bigger Brakes Make Better Stops Modern fire apparatus requirements cal! for heavy-duty equipment, proper tests and driver training BRAKES on fire apparatus are subjected to more severe use than brakes on any other types of trucks. Responding to an emergency requires more brake applications per mile. Emergency trucks must be able to accelerate to the fastest safe speed and yet have sufficient brake power to slow or stop the vehicle, as necessary. The brakes are applied often to slow vehicle speed in order to safely negotiate a turn or hazardous intersection, then released to permit quick acceleration to save precious seconds. In addition, throughout his entire response trip, the driver encounters road and traffic situations which place a heavy load on the vehicle’s brake equipment. At any moment, sudden, critical emergencies may arise where a driver may literally have to “stand on his brakes.” It must be remembered that today’s…

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