Issue 7 and Volume 118.

THE ROUND TABLE Fire Operations Radio Procedures Part 4 Herbert J. Hughes, Chief, Kansas City, Mo.: The Kansas City Fire Department has used radio at its first-line alarm communication for about 10 years and it has been very satisfactory. On regular alarms, such as in homes, buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., our dispatchers transmit the alarms by radio immediately upon receipt. This is followed by a verbal notification on the fire department circuit (telephone) to all stations. A coded signal is then sent to all stations on the Gamewell metallic system. All apparatus is equipped with three-way radio and radio receivers are installed in all stations, the repair shop, fire academy, and the administration office. A “10” signal code system is used for general information and additional information is sent “in the clear.” A sample of this system includes the following: 10-46— mechanical breakdown en route to fire unable to continue;…

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