Windsor Uses Eductors to Supply Hose Lines

Issue 8 and Volume 118.

Windsor Uses Eductors to Supply Hose Lines CELLAR EDUCTORS, commonly referred to as siphons and tools, have joined the Windsor, Ontario, Fire Department as front-line fire fighting weapons. The department ran an extensive series of siphon tests to obtain information about the potential amount of water which can be obtained for fighting fires in areas where water is available, but due to various reasons, drafting with hard suction is not possible. The tests were initiated by Fire Chief Ray May and District Chief W. J. Berthiaume, who was training officer for the department at the time. An 840-Igpm (Imperial Canadian gallons equivalent to 1,000 U. S. gallons) pumper was used for the tests, and three 50-foot lengths of 25-inch hose were used for the siphon hookup. [In all tests, the operators were concerned with lift, distance from the engine to the fire, siphon settings, nozzle and hose sizes, nozzle pressure,…

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