Issue 8 and Volume 118.

BELLS BUFFS and BLAZES FIRE BUFFING is an avocation that is too often marked by a common trait: taking oneself too seriously. Whether this seriousness results from the defensiveness too many buffs feel about their avocation is a moot point. What is refreshing is the sense of humor shimmering through the basic philosophy of the Fire Bell Club of New York, headquartered in the Martinique Hotel: “Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.” “All attempts to make the organization into anything other than a pleasant meeting place for a congenial group of buffs and firemen are usually laughed down or summarily rejected at a meeting,” says a spokesman for this club which ranks as one of the nation’s leading buff organizations. Just as the New York Fire Department is this year celebrating an anniversary—its 100th as a paid department—so, too, are the Bell Clubbers looking back upon their recent celebration of…

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