Issue 8 and Volume 118.

WHAT’S NEW DEPARTMENTS Manufacturers’ Products Company News Higbee Hose Coupling A new Tru-Forge Higbee fire department hose coupling has been announced by W. D. Allen Mfg. Co. The new coupling features non-cross Higbee-cut threads and three rocker lugs on both male and female ends for quicker spanner-wrench tightening. To provide instant connection, the unit has been designed with raised Higbee indicators instead of the recessed type ordinarily used. Special reinforcing rings protect threads and swivel, and all lugs are rounded to prevent snagging hose. Hose bowl edges are machine-rounded to prevent cutting or puncturing of hose. Drop-forged for maximum strength, the new coupling is high-grade brass with satin finish and is approved for high-pressure. lightweight or standard fire hose. It meets all specifications of factory Mutual Laboratories and is Underwriters Approved. Circle No. 16 on Reader Service Card New Decal “Volunteer Fireman Employed Here” is the message imprinted on a…

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