The Cause, Prevention and Control of CONFLAGRATIONS

Issue 9 and Volume 118.

The Cause, Prevention and Control of CONFLAGRATIONS PART 2 Chief Engineer TRAINING in command control stood out as the most glaring need of the fire service today in recent conferences with the Governor’s Conflagration Committee. This committee will recommend to the governor that command schools be established in each of California’s disaster regions so that all fire officials may be able to attend. I’m sure this will come about, and when it does, I urge all chiefs to attend. You will find, when an overwhelming fire occurs, that there will be many items which never came to your mind before. This training will provide you with information and an outline of what to expect. Periodic pre-fire training in largescale emergency operating procedures, by all agencies and personnel who may be involved, is essential if there is to be an organized attack on any largescale fire. And, don’t forget that with…

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