The “Skin” Show

Issue 10 and Volume 118.

The “Skin” Show A routine leaking tank at the Chemithon Corporation in Seattle, Wash., resulted in knobby-kneed, hairy-legged, semi-nude firemen crouching shyly behind boxes, garbage cans, and each other, as important portions of their clothing slowly disappeared into nothing. The leaking tank contained sulfur trioxide, which as the gallant crew of Seattle’s Ladder 11 can testify, reacts violently to water. As one man described it, “I looked down at my black socks, they were purple. I looked again, they weren’t there. Then the pants started!” A hurried call to the station brought Aid Car 32 to the location with “bunkers” to cover the department’s version of the topless bathing suit—helmet, bunking coat, shorts, knobby knees, hairy legs, etc., etc.

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