A Pioneer in Fire Department Standardization

Issue 10 and Volume 118.

A Pioneer in Fire Department Standardization James Amott is not an unbiased crusader. He is president of Wilson & Cousins, Toronto, an 84-year-old fire apparatus and equipment dealer. But the pioneering and crusading of Mr. Arnott and his company over the years have played an important role in effecting fire department standardization in many Canadian provinces. “The average layman has a hazy idea of fire department standardization,” says Mr. Arnott, who is general manager of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs, “yet it is one of the most vital safeguards of his property and the lives of himself and his family. Standardization means that all hose, hydrant and apparatus threads are the same in neighboring communities so that each fire department can help its neighbor in fighting man’s formidable enemy, fire.” Since the beginning of his association with fire fighting organizations, Mr. Arnott has seen the value of standardized threads…

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