Hydraulic Power Produces High-Expansion Foam

Issue 10 and Volume 118.

Hydraulic Power Produces High-Expansion Foam Water motor drives fan that blows air through absorbent, foam-saturated netting THE NEWEST thing about the old principle of the water reaction motor is its application to fire fighting techniques through the generation of ultra-high-expansion foam. Both the portable Jet-X nozzle and the Hydro-X-5 unit manufactured by Bliss-Rockwood employ water power to dispense foam at rates ranging up to 7500 cubic feet per minute. The Hydro-X-5 can be installed permanently in high-hazard industrial and military areas, or it can be mounted on a skid, trailer or truck. Following development of the 18pound Jet-X nozzle by Rockwood engineer Bert Lundberg, in 1963, experiments were conducted at Holden, Mass., test site with the unit that became the Hydro-X-5. Primarily, the unit consists of a steel shell housing a water motor, axial 36inch fan blade and absorbent netting. The motor is a design which operates without gears and…

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