Air Crash Equipment of the Future

Issue 11 and Volume 118.

Air Crash Equipment of the Future Remote controlled tanks and tires filled with fire fighting chemicals offer a new look in fire fighting FROM PISTON-ENGINED PLANES that loped along at 300 miles an hour to swept-wing jets that streak through skies at twice the speed of sound—this is the advance of aviation art since World War II. And on the horizon looms the heralded supersonic transport! Despite this quantum jump in aviation itself, techniques for fighting airplane fires and rescuing crewmen and passengers have changed little during the past few decades. Phil Cummins, long-time fire fighter and currently security officer at General Dynamics/Forth Worth, has long bemoaned this sad state of affairs. So much so, in fact, that he’s done something about it. Cummins has patented, and his company is experimenting on, a new vehicle for fighting today’s much “hotter” jet fires. The concept involves futuristic-looking air crash equipment (ACE)…

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