U. S. Navy Tests Hose Every Six Months

Issue 11 and Volume 118.

U. S. Navy Tests Hose Every Six Months Unique rack, water manifold and two pumps test 18 lengths at a time ONLY THE PENTAGON knows how many ships the United States Navy has in service. And only the Pentagon knows how many feet of fire hose there are in those ships. Navy hose is tested hydrostatically (250-psi pressure) every six months, when practical. The Navy uses nothing larger than regulation 234-inch cotton rubberlined, double-jacketed hose with National Standard Thread couplings. In addition to fire hose aboard Navy ships, thousands of feet are employed by the Navy fire forces to protect Naval land installations. The Eleventh Naval District, whose headquarters are San Diego, under Lee Gree, fire marshal, has some 37 “activities” that must be given fire protection. Maintenance standards are high, both for ships at sea and in port. However, periodic testing has always been a time and energy-consuming operation.…

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