Toronto Fights Ship Fire

Issue 1 and Volume 119.

Toronto Fights Ship Fire —Photos courtesy of the Toronto Fire Department Unusual fireboat proves itself in first major test The fire fighters of Toronto, Canada, were successful in extinguishing a fire in the holds of the 7650-ton Greek freighter Orient Trader after a grueling 16 1/2 hour struggle on July 21st. Faced with difficulties and problems seldom encountered by the average fire department, they rose to the occasion with the adoption of several unusual solutions. The Orient Trader was tied up at Pier 11 with a 3 million dollar cargo of crude and latex rubber stored in holds #2, 3, 4 and 5. Box alarm #2143 was received by Fire Alarm headquarters at 2:22 PM, calling for a response of a fireboat, 3 pumpers, 2 aerial trucks and a rescue squad. The fireboat William Lyon Mackenzie, arrived on the scene within 90 seconds, being berthed at Pier #9 some 600…

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