The Proper Use of an Ax in ”Opening Up”

Issue 1 and Volume 119.

The Proper Use of an Ax in ”Opening Up” The Volunteers Corner One of the most useful tools in the fire service is the ax. Its uses are limited only by the imagination of the user. There are two types of axes—the flat head and the pick head, the latter being the most common in the fire service. The advantage of the flat head ax is that once the blade has been positioned, the head can be pounded with another tool, such as a hammer-headed pick, a maul or a claw tool. The pick-type ax has a flat surface that can be pounded, but this requires a little more care. The pickax does have certain advantages, however, which we will soon discuss. In forcible entry, the ax is a basic tool. Most doors, unless they are extremely heavy or heavily barred on the inside, can be opened with an ax.…

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