Careful Overhauling Eliminates “Rekindles”

Issue 2 and Volume 119.

Careful Overhauling Eliminates “Rekindles” The Volunteers Corner Overhauling—a tedious job at best—is a vital step in fire fighting. Yet, unless it is done thoroughly, we may wind up with a rekindle. Of course, a good overhaul takes time, hut it saves time in the long run. Sometimes there is a pressing need for volunteers to return to their jobs and this sometimes leads to haste in leaving the foreground. But a rekindle is too high a price to pay. After a big fire, it is usually possible to dismiss men who are most needed back at their jobs while others conduct a thorough overhaul. In a hard-working department with high morale, it will not be the same men who leave early each time. It helps to return some equipment back into service if enough pieces are kept at the fire to contain any further outbreak. Roof collapse: Perhaps, the toughest…

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