The Elevating Platform

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

The Elevating Platform How Chicago uses it for rescue, ventilation and extinguishment at fires and emergencies Early in December 1958, newspapers reporting Chicago’s calamitous Our Lady of the Angels School fire in which 93 pupils and teachers perished, also published photos of a unique piece of equipment that appeared to be a cross between a water tower, an aerial ladder, and a cherry picker used in orchards. The two-boom device, with a treetrimmer’s basket and a turret nozzle attached to the end, and with a 50-foot reach, had been in service for only two months when it was used at the school fire. The photos piqued the interest of fire chiefs throughout the world, an interest that has steadily increased to this day. That rig, still in service, was the forerunner of the elevating platform, the most discussed piece of fire fighting and rescue apparatus of the past half century.…

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