Automatic Appliances Save Lives

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

Automatic Appliances Save Lives —courtesy Grinnell Co. —courtesy Grinnell Co. Sprinklers, thermostats and smoke detectors offer best protection against fires Fires in the United States are out of control, figuratively if not literally speaking, for the direct annual fire losses are at an all-time high—nearly $2 billion each year. This figure does not include indirect costs such as the loss of wages, loss of business profits, loss of good customers and loss of sales by local merchants to the idled employees. These figures may total several times that loss due to fire and water damage. For comparison, on a per capita basis, we in the United States have six times as many fire deaths, 24 times as many fires, and six times the dollar fire loss of Japan. Of course, the prevention of fires can play a big part in reducing our figures. Also, the deaths caused directly by fires…

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