The Story of the Fire Pump

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

The Story of the Fire Pump Part 1: From sealed bags of water in 440 B.C. to the steamer of 1850 The history of fire pumps, timewise, covers a major part of the history of civilization. For over 2300 years, firemen have experienced frustration for lack of water pressure when fighting a fire, and man’s efforts to build an efficient fire pump covers this span of time. It is the intended function of the fire pump to provide the required quantity of water at the desired pressure, but many other factors affect pump performance. The ingenuity of man is well demonstrated by the many designs of fire pumps and the methods of operation to meet the needs of fire fighters. Thousands of years ago man observed that fire caused by natural forces such as lightning, volcanic action and spontaneous combustion was extinguished by rainfall, and he thus learned the use…

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