Rubber-Lined Hose

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

Rubber-Lined Hose Rubber hose evolved in answer to a challenge for an easier, safer, more reliable and more efficient means of getting a large volume of water on a fire. The first such hose was delivered in 1871 to the Cincinnati Fire Department by the B. F. Goodrich Company. It was made by plying alternate layers of heavy square-woven cotton duck and thin rubber over a rubber tube, with a final layer of rubber covering the fabric. By modern standards, this rubber fabric hose was stiff and unwieldy but it was gratefully received by firemen who previously had to struggle with leather hose. The old leather hose was made by forming stitched leather hides into a tube and fastening them together with copper rivets. It was stiff, extremely heavy when wet, leaked badly, was difficult to couple, and in cold or freezing weather handled about as easily as iron pipe.…

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