Equipment—Neglected Side of a Triangle

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

Equipment—Neglected Side of a Triangle The Editor’s Opinion Page We are all aware of the fire triangle, oxygen, fuel and heat. Take away any leg of this equilateral triangle and you have no fire. However, there is another triangle in the fire service which not only incorporates the fire triangle but transcends it. Let’s call this one the fire fighting triangle of water (or other extinguishing agent), men and equipment. This triangle is also equilateral; take away any leg and you have no fire department. Water we must have, and we go to extremes to get it, even to carrying it to a fire in tankers. Men we must also have to go to the fire and fight it. And even though the number of men is shrinking, they still manage to get there. But when it comes to equipment, the story changes. It seems that once the persons who…

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