Letters to the Editor

Issue 8 and Volume 119.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Pumper Test Program Northbrook, Ill.: My attention has been called to page 87 of the June 1966 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, containing the report of the FAMA directors’ meeting in Kansas City. The remarks concerning our pumper test program require some comment, since they seem susceptible to considerable misinterpretation. The statement is made that the tests have gone beyond those previously performed by the American Insurance Association; take considerable time; and are holding up delivery of fire apparatus. Our test program is entirely different from the previous program, and it is not possible to make a direct comparison as to the amount of time taken. Under the previous program some tests were required at the point of delivery, which of course, resulted in considerable expense, while our tests are conducted at the factory of the pumper manufacturer in the interest of economy. Our function is…

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