Bargain Buyers Often Get Stung

Issue 2 and Volume 120.

Bargain Buyers Often Get Stung The Editor’s Opinion Page Recently, a friend of ours who is a chief in a small department called us up to complain about a piece of portable fire fighting equipment he had bought. There was really nothing wrong with the equipment, the difficulty stemmed from the conditions under which it was purchased. Seems like our friend got such a terrific price on the item that he couldn’t resist buying it. But he bought it from a guy whose salesroom was in the trunk of his car and whose office probably was in his hat. And after he had made the sale, the guy rode off into the sunset— never to be seen again. There was nothing wrong with the product the chief had purchased, but eventually it developed some minor kinks. Then our friend found out that he had no one locally to turn to.…

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