L. A. County Builds Mountain Rigs

Issue 2 and Volume 120.

L. A. County Builds Mountain Rigs A new type of mountain patrol apparatus with a submersible electric pump for drafting has been designed and put into operation by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Twenty-seven of these rigs have been constructed on Ford chassis by the department shops—the first time the department has built its own fire fighting apparatus. Other features of the rig include a high pressure pump, a 115-volt, 60-cycle alternator, and a 12-foot aluminum folding ladder. The submersible pump—designed in cooperation with L.A. County by Prosser Industries, Inc.—has an electric motor and can pump from a swimming pool, lake, or reservoir to the highpressure pump. The rig can also hook up to a hydrant or mountain water cistern. The alternator can be used as a power supply for 115-volt appliances. The high-pressure pump is a four stage centrifugal with a 2 1/2-inch suction intake and a 1…

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