Letters to the Editor

Issue 2 and Volume 120.

Letters to the Editor DEPARTMENTS Helicopters as Fire Bombers Stroudsburg, Pa.: We were impressed with your article on the use of helicopters as fire bombers in the December issue. For the record, however, we in Pennsylvania in the Department of Forests and Waters have been using helicopters as an attack tool and for water bombing fires since 1960 when we leased a Bell 47G. Initially we carried 35 gallons of water, in 1961 a Hiller 12B carried 70 gallons, in 1962 a Hiller 12B supercharged carried 90 gallons, and in 1963 a Bell 47G supercharged carried 105 gallons using the Los Angeles Fire Department tank mounted between the skids. In 1964 and 1965 a Sikorsky S-55 carried 250 gallons and was capable of delivering two drops of 125 gallons each. We have used Pyro retardant in connection with our aerial drops and have had good results. Last year we tried…

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