New York’s 13-Alarm Night of Flame

Issue 4 and Volume 120.

New York’s 13-Alarm Night of Flame Master streams used to combat radiant heat in A gas main leak that sent a 20-footwide column of flame 150 feet above the street resulted in a 13-alarm fire that destroyed five buildings and damaged 15 others in the Jamaica section of New York City. The first task of rousing hundreds of sleeping residents and removing them from their homes saw the margin between life and death narrowed to a fragile line when the escaping gas burst into flame. This produced the second problem—radiant heat. The beginning of what the fire department was to call “a major disaster” became evident when Mrs. Rose Padimha of 139-19 101st Avenue awoke in her second-story bedroom at 5:10 a.m. last January 13—a Friday. She dialed the telephone operator, who relayed her report of smelling gas to the police. The two policemen in the patrol car that was…

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