Protecting U.S. Secrets Is Your Duty

Issue 4 and Volume 120.

Protecting U.S. Secrets Is Your Duty In military accidents, fire departments must be constantly alert to the possibility of encountering classified material issued by the Department of Defense. First-arriving firemen should know immediately what is expected of them when the presence of defense material of a highly classified nature is involved. A fire department then assumes a responsibility known as national security. The security of the United States in general, and of defense plans and operations in particular, depends in part on the success attained in safeguarding classified information from unauthorized disclosure. Consequently, civilian fire fighters should understand security requirements in the event they are involved in the inadvertent sighting or handling of classified defense information. Definitions The following background data and definitions are considered necessary to understand the security problem. CLASSIFIED MATERIAL: The terms classified material, classified information, or classified defense information are synonymous and include books, documents, devices,…

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