Mechanics Form Association In Southern California

Issue 4 and Volume 120.

Mechanics Form Association In Southern California Because of a rapid expansion of interest, an organization started for San Bernardino County within six months became the Southern California Fire Service Mechanics’ Association. This group is dedicated to the best in fire apparatus maintenance and the exchange of ideas and methods. The enlarged group, which came into being in January, meets at 10 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Talks and discussions on mechanical problems extend through the day. The $5 yearly dues cover the cost of a maintenance bulletin and the mailing of notices. The association invites membership applicants to write to P. O. Box 309, San Bernardino, Calif. The recently elected officers are Master Mechanic Ivan Richardson, San Bernardino City Fire Department, president; Maintenance Foreman Roy O. Smith, California Division of Forestry, San Bernardino, vice president; and William R. Wirth, San Bernardino County Forestry, secretary-treasurer.

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