The Round Table

Issue 4 and Volume 120.

The Round Table How many pieces of apparatus do you have in regular or reserve service, including pumpers, aerials, elevating platforms, ambulances, tankers, brush trucks and chiefs cars? What is the age of your apparatus and do you have a regular program for replacing them? In replacing them, would you seek new ones of a different type or function? Raymond J. Brady, Chief, White Plains, N. Y.: We have seven engine companies (six 1,000-gpm and one 750-gpm) and three truck companies (two 100-foot aerials, one of which is tractor-drawn, and one 85-foot aerial). The motor vehicles in service consist of a chief’s car, deputy chief’s car and four other cars used by the fire prevention bureau, electrician, mechanic, training officer and on investigation details, as the case may be. We also have two maintenance trucks which are equipped with rescue equipment. There are two reserve engine companies (a 1,000-gpm and…

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