Demonstrations Are Easy— And Good for Public Relations

Issue 8 and Volume 120.

Demonstrations Are Easy— And Good for Public Relations The Volunteers Corner One thing the fire service has going for it—and many departments fail to capitalize on it—is an innate public interest in its operations. Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14 this year) is an opportune time for a public demonstration of how our equipment and training are teamed up to save lives and fight fires. Some firemen may say, “Our department isn’t large enough to put on anything good enough to interest a large number of people.” But that’s where they are wrong. With only one engine and a normal amount of equipment, an interesting demonstration can be conducted. Remember, what is old hat to you is often surprisingly interesting to the average citizen and a magnet for children. And don’t underrate the children, for they are often the reason their parents turn out. Start with a fire: To get a…

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