Management Support Is Vital To Weekly Plant Inspections

Issue 8 and Volume 120.

Management Support Is Vital To Weekly Plant Inspections Industrial Fire Safety We have dwelt at some length in the past on the need For property inspections by fire departments. There are also inspections by rating authorities and insurance companies, but how often are these inspections made? The periods between these inspections may be from a few months to years. Is this proper fire prevention? The answer can only be nol Industry must rely on its own inspections as conditions change daily in processes, raw and finished stock, locations of portable fire equipment and the like. Based upon this, industry must help itself by putting forth an extra effort for fire safety through selfinspections and corrections of any violations. To record these inspections, a form should be used, showing the fire prevention and protection features covered. A from must be arranged to meet the needs of each industry, so no one…

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