Autopsy of an Explosion

Issue 10 and Volume 120.

Autopsy of an Explosion Part 1—How the investigator solves problems of destroyed evidence, conflicting statements, reconstructing conditions prior to blast Investigators and members of the technical staff of the American Insurance Association and its predecessor organization, the National Board of Fire Underwriters, have been called upon to assist law enforcement agencies and fire departments for over a quarter of a century. Over the years, our staff has been able to acquire a broad range of practical experience useful to investigators faced with explosion problems. This article, “Autopsy of an Explosion,” intends to “dissect” the subject of explosion investigation to document the basic procedural differences in the investigation of an explosion as compared to those of a fire. These differences become increasingly important as they point the way toward practical solutions to the cause of an explosion. Thus, the elements of the investigation are listed as follows: 1. In a major…

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