Amperage Data for Variety Of Electrical Accessories

Issue 10 and Volume 120.

Amperage Data for Variety Of Electrical Accessories Apparatus Maintenance Preventive maintenance of the electrical system on fire apparatus actually starts with drawing specifications for a new fire truck. The specifications, to insure the best performance, dependability and minimum maintenance, should include three requirements: (1) battery capacity rating adequate for the service load, (2) alternator capacity rating of proper value for the connected load, and (3) proper pulley ratio between the engine crankshaft and the alternator shaft. National Fire Protection Association Specification No. 19 specifies a minimum battery capacity of 120-ampere-hours at the 20-hour rate for 12-volt batteries. Experience has proven that the practical minimum capacity for fire service use is a 150-ampere-hour rating. Most fire apparatus manufacturers furnish batteries of 150-ampere-hour rating as standard. In any case, the size required should be specified. Commercial truck chassis builders furnish only a smaller battery, which is replaced with a larger capacity battery…

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