Mutual Aid Test Stresses Low Manpower And Cooperation

Issue 10 and Volume 120.

Mutual Aid Test Stresses Low Manpower And Cooperation An aircraft crash, two multi-storied structure fires and a rescue problem spell trouble for any department. Compound that with limited manpower, insufficient water, mismatched hydrant steamer outlets and a need for mutual aid responses, and the result is a very interesting drill. The training officers of Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Orange County, Calif., staged this impressive exercise to put into effect the concepts developed on paper for mutual aid fire fighting and communications. Dubbed Operation Cooperation, the exercise simulated the tragic aircraft crash of February 22, 1967, at Rossmoor Leisure World when two Marine jets crashed into a condominium complex. To simulate the circumstances that would make mutual aid necessary, the battalion chief from Costa Mesa was given limited manpower to respond to the fire. To carry the realism further, the equipment was dispatched as if to a real aircraft-structural fire.…

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