Navy Motorizes Fire Fighting With Carrier Deck Minitrucks

Issue 2 and Volume 121.

Navy Motorizes Fire Fighting With Carrier Deck Minitrucks Units on flattops off Vietnam team Purple K with Light Water in dual hose-nozzle system Staff Correspondent Those who believe motorization of the fire service was completed in the ’20s will be surprised to learn that the latest motorization took place only a few months ago—aboard United States Navy carriers. Each aircraft carrier on duty off Vietnam received three motorized rigs last October for rapid attack of flight deck and hangar deck fires, such as the one that severely damaged the carrier Forrestal earlier last year. The operating decks of a carrier, virtually awash with explosives and flammables during combat operations, are today so expansive that motorized units greatly speed up the attack and confinement of dangerous fires. Specially designed for shipboard conditions, the Navy rigs would hardly be mistaken for conventional apparatus. Basically, each is a flatbed minitruck carrying 400 pounds…

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