Fire Safety and Schools

Issue 8 and Volume 121.

Fire Safety and Schools “Take away the bells, sirens and lights and reduce assignments, and you will reduce false alarms by taking the thrill out of them,” advised Battalion Chief John T. McLaughlin of Providence, R. I., at the three-day School Fire Prevention Seminar in Philadelphia. He added that his department no longer shows children how to pull a fire alarm box because it is felt that this encourages false alanns. Plainclothesmen watch street boxes, and chemicals visible under ultraviolet light are used in an effort to catch viola tors. Deputy Chief Joseph B. McKenna, chairman of a Philadelphia committee to reduce false alarms, said that his department “will not put a box on a pole next to a newspaper stand. An attempt is made to put boxes on poles that have street lights. Boxes are angled toward the side of the street where approaching automobile headlights will shine on…

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