Issue 8 and Volume 121.

WHAT’S NEW Manufacturers’ Products Circular Saw The Target Quickie, a gasoline powered saw with its own self-contained power, has been developed by the Robert G. Evans Company. It is lightweight, portable and instantly available for cutting through metal, concrete, masonry walls, floors, etc. It features a 6.3-cubic-inch gasoline engine developing 6 1/2 hp and driving the cutting blade at 4,500 rpm under load. A Bendix Micro-Bon filter pre-cleans the air before it reaches the inner filter, thus reducing maintenance and assuring better engine performance and longer life. Additional features include a compression relief device to provide easier and faster starting, a spark arrestor muffler for safer and quieter operation, a safety governor, and heavy-duty blade shaft and bearings. Circle No. 27 on Reader Service Card Lightweight Pump A compact, all-purpose pump that weighs only 36 pounds and delivers up to 200 gpm and up to 50 psi, is now available…

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