Safety Principles Fight Hazards of Brush Fires

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Safety Principles Fight Hazards of Brush Fires FIRE FIGHTING Los Angeles County F. D. photo During the last two decades, new and sometimes exotic techniques of fighting and discovering brush and watershed fires have been developed. Radar, aerial tankers, helicopters and vastly improved radio systems have contributed to the efficiency of fire fighting, but despite these new aids, the fire fighters on the ground in the last analysis have to finally put the fire out. The man on the ground with his shovel remains as the infantryman of watershed fire fighting, just as the man on the end of the hose line is still necessary for structural fire extinguishment. In fighting brush and watershed fires, the principles are much the same as in structural fires. The principle of fuel + air + heat = fire is the same. By removing one or more of these elements, you eliminate fire. However,…

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