Resuscitator for Indians

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Resuscitator for Indians When a Kenosha, Wis., fireman and his wife make a second trip to the St. Labre Indian Mission and School at Ashland, Mont., this month, they will take with them a resuscitator for the ambulance they donated to the mission last year. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Zuzinec made the trip a year ago in the 10-year-old ambulance that they bought for $450. This year, they will carry with them a resuscitator given for mission use by William A. Flannigan, sales manager of the Oxygen Equipment and Service Company of Chicago. As they did on their first trip, the fireman and his wife, Donette, will take along a variety of useful articles and toys. The Zuzinecs bought some of the gifts, but so many others have been donated by friends that Zuzinec is looking for a track to carry the gifts to the Cheyennes at the mission.

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