Canada Gets 1-Man Crash Trucks

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Canada Gets 1-Man Crash Trucks One-man rescue tracks recently assigned to five Canadian airports are designed to get in fast and use their dry chemical turrets to open an exit path through flame for the survivors of an aircraft crash. The Department of Transport believes that the few seconds gained by one of these five light trucks, purchased from Dyer and Miller Brothers, Limited, of Toronto for a total of $172,696, could save lives that otherwise would be lost before the regular airport crash trucks could get into operation. Each new track carries hydraulic tools for gaining entry into a fuselage, a generator for floodlights and tools, power saws, resuscitators and other rescue equipment that can be used by fire fighters on the big crash tracks. The small vehicles gross 14,800 pounds, have a maximum speed of 65 mph, and can reach 50 mph from a stop in 28 seconds.…

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