Suburban Fire Fighting With Two Engines and a Truck

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Suburban Fire Fighting With Two Engines and a Truck In these days when both industry and people are deserting the cities for the suburbs in increasing numbers, the responsibility of the suburban fire fighter is being constantly enlarged. The shopping area of many store buildings of modest size is being supplemented by shopping center buildings measured in acres. The handful of manufacturing plants may now have as a neighbor a recently built factory covering thousands of square feet, although it may be only one story high. And the expanses of two and threestory, wood frame homes are being pierced by high-rise apartment houses. So the suburban fireman must have some knowledge of pyrophoric metals because of the lone space-age plant in town, and he must be familiar with standpipe operations because of the new apartment house, but this article is concerned with the bread and butter problems of suburban fire…

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