7.25 Acres of Oil Burn for 13 Days

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

7.25 Acres of Oil Burn for 13 Days FIRE FIGHTING 4 Million cubic feet of foam fails to blanket flaming area; fire burns itself out as expanse also defies hose streams Lightning that struck an oil storage surface reservoir at the Standard Oil Company of California refinery in El Segundo, Calif., ignited the wooden roof and started a fire on the 7.25-acre surface of bunker oil that burned for 13 days. An attack with seven high expansion and five low expansion foam generators produced more than 4 million cubic feet of foam. These efforts failed, however, and a controlled burnout had to be accepted. Loss to the reservoir and fuel was estimated at $2 million, although 133,000 barrels of oil were salvaged through pump-out operations during the fire. The glowing remains were finally covered with earth by heavy dirt-moving equipment. The 1,000-acre Standard Oil Refinery at El Segundo is the…

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