Reliable Fuel Source Is Vital In Diesel Engine Maintenance

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Reliable Fuel Source Is Vital In Diesel Engine Maintenance Apparatus Maintenance Fire departments with apparatus powered by diesel engines will agree that the first important step in preventive maintenance for their diesels was the selection of a reliable fuel source. Diesel engine manufacturers are insistent that the fuel meet specified requirements. We briefly gave some of these requirements in this column in the March 1968 issue of FIRE ENGINEERING. Years of experience have pinpointed factors which to a large extent determine the reliability and maintenance requirements for satisfactory service by diesel engines. The recommended fuel oil specifications for fire service use are: For use at 5,000 or more feet above sea level, the recommended specifications are different in three respects: Dependence on supplier: While a rather wide range in gravity degrees API is allowed, actually most injector nozzles are calibrated for fuel oil of 34 to 36 degrees (API). There…

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