Annual Hose Tests— An Investment in Reliability

Issue 9 and Volume 121.

Annual Hose Tests— An Investment in Reliability The Volunteers Corner Hose testing is not the most glamorous job in the fire service, but it certainly is high among the ones necessary to insure reliability in fireground performance. Alter hose has been tested, there is no assurance that a length will not break the next time it is used. But testing does give you the satisfaction of knowing that all hose in your department is in serviceable condition as far as can be determined. American Insurance Association Special Interest Bulletin No. 63, “Fire Hose—Its Purchase, Test and Care,” states that the test pressure should be “the maximum pressure normally used by the department, but not less than 250 psi.” This pressure must be held for five minutes. The actual testing of hose does not take long if every man knows what he is expected to do. Assign men to handle the…

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