From the Publisher’s Desk

Issue 6 and Volume 122.

From the Publisher’s Desk DEPARTMENTS Recognition Needed We are sure that everyone who reads this magazine is, or perhaps we should say was, aware that Fire Service Recognition Day took place on May 10. And according to our editor is was a highly successful day. A lot of thanks for its success goes to Chief Eddie Beadle, Union City, N. J., president of the IAFC, and to Chief Matt Jiminez, Harvard, Calif., second vice president, who played a major part in the plotting and planning of “the day.” Our next issue will feature a few of the fire departments who made a big effort in this major public relations program of the fire service. And we say few because there were just too many departments involved to get them all in. But if you can rush in a photo or two of what your department did on Fire Service Recognition…

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