Slippery Water Cuts Friction Loss

Issue 9 and Volume 122.

Slippery Water Cuts Friction Loss —New York F. D. photo. Tests of “slippery water” by the New York Fire Department indicate that friction losses need not continue to limit flows through 1 1/2-inch hose to the extent that they now do. Slippery water is made either by educting an additive into a hose line or by putting the additive into a booster tank. At a public demonstration in May, two NYFD pumpers each supplied a 1 1/2-inch line with the same engine pressure. The line with the slippery water had a flow rate 50 percent higher than the plain water line and a reach that was 40 to 50 percent better, according to the department report. Also, the nozzle pressure on the slippery water line was double that of the plain water line. Slippery water consists of an extremely dilute solution of high molecular weight, straight-chain polymer in water. The…

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