Emergency Medical Identification Symbol

Issue 10 and Volume 122.

Emergency Medical Identification Symbol As part of a campaign to familiarize emergency medical care personnel with the universal Emergency Medical Identification (EMI) symbol, the American Hospital Association, in cooperation with the Public Health Service’s Division of Emergency Health Services, is distributing EMI posters, individual EMI cards and other related material to all general hospitals in the United States. The American Medical Association estimates that there are over 200 health conditions which require special handling, and that these conditions affect over 40 million Americans. Worn as a bracelet, necklace or anklet by persons with health problems, such as diabetes, epilepsy, drug or antibiotic sensitivities, etc., the EMI symbol alerts persons providing emergency medical care to check the patients pockets or purse for the EMI card which defines the patient’s special health problem. The posters feature the hexagonal EMI symbol w’ith a snake-entwined staff on a six-pointed star.

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