No Fires—A Happy New Year

Issue 1 and Volume 123.

No Fires—A Happy New Year The Editor’s Opinion Page Some people make New Year’s resolutions and break them after a time. Others scorn New Year’s resolutions, figuring they’ll be broken anyway. But if the ones who make them keep them for only a month, they can claim success for one twelfth of a year—which isn’t bad. Let’s suppose a fire department made a firm resolve not to have a fire in their town for the year 1970. And suppose that for 30 days in the year their town didn’t have a fire. That isn’t bad either, even if the no-fire days were scattered over 12 months. Resolutions call for action or restraint—“I will do this,” or “I won’t do that.” And just resolving (wishing) won’t make it so. A fire department that embarks on a fire prevention program in January (which seems like the most appropriate time) will surely have…

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