Comparison of Flows Obtainable in Big Hose

Issue 1 and Volume 123.

Comparison of Flows Obtainable in Big Hose DEPARTMENTS The Volunteers Corner What are the advantages of the larger hose sizes in terms of supplying water on the fireground? This question arises when a department considers turning to larger hose for supply lines, and it also comes up when municipal officials have to be convinced of the practical value obtained for the extra money spent for larger diameter hose. In areas where hose stretches are commonly 1,000 feet or more, the volume of water that can be pumped through a line becomes a limiting factor in the amount of water that can be applied to a fire. Departments that often stretch 1,500 or more feet in a single line are likely to be limited in apparatus and hose. This means that they may be unable to lay more than two long lines without calling for mutual aid. By looking at the…

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