Manufacturers’ Products

Issue 1 and Volume 123.

Manufacturers’ Products DEPARTMENTS WHAT’S NEW Hose Ramp for Large Hose Mentor Products announces two new models of their hose ramp to accommodate 3 and 4-inch hose. The hose ramp consists of a 10-foot-long series of five 2-foot sections of one-piece, formed, high-strength steel, linked together for hose protection from heavy cross-over traffic. Two such series are used for two-way traffic lanes. Each single section is formed to provide a center channel for hose and a traction-ribbed, 25° incline ramp on both sides for vehicles to cross over. Bottom edges are serrated to resist sliding or drifting on any surface. Sections are linked together with steel clips and are quickly unlinked for nesting in a small storage space. Circle No. 26 on Reader Service Card Front-Mount Pump Bilgram Gear & Pump Company has introduced a front-mount, singlestage centrifugal pump. Called the Fronender, the heavy-duty, lightweight unit is available in both 500…

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